Shopping in India?


Here is a list of the best luxuries to buy in the land of riches

India is a shopper’s paradise, brimming with riches. Your senses will be filled with fabulous textiles, sparkling jewelry, bells, intricate artwork, divine scents, and all the spices, smells, and oils you could dream of. India is truly a land of treasures, and if you take the mindset of a treasure hunter, rummaging through ancient bazaars, markets, malls and street stalls through heaps of balls dazzling and sparkling trinkets will please you immensely.

Take it easy, and don’t buy right away because there will be a lot of merchandise that interests you. Take your time to get an idea of ​​prices and quality. And remember that Indians like to haggle – don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. That said, there are plenty of fixed price stores and if you really like something, go there!

1. Jewelry, gems, trinkets and trinkets

Between the big balls on the streets with bright colors and the gemstones found in dealer shops, you will be impressed by the array of jewelry. Indians have a diverse population with many different styles of clothing, but it seems they all like to accessorize with wonderful adornments.

Bracelets: Almost all women in India wear bracelets – often matching bracelets on each arm, which creates a rather nice symmetry. You will find a variety of basic bracelets and bracelets with styles that are very fashionable.

Nose Rings: A traditional adornment worn by many women in India, you will find the nose rings more stunning here than anywhere else. You might be tempted to get your nose pierced, if you haven’t already, so you can take advantage of these flattering adornments.

Jewellery: Precious pearls such as sapphires, diamonds and rubies abound in India – and for very reasonable prices.  You will find the best 24 carat gold jewelry in the world.

Semi-precious stones: In addition to gemstones, India also has a lot of stunning semi-precious stones that will cost less, but are still very beautiful. Labradorite, quartz, lapis, garnet, moonstones among others.

Anklets (known as “Payals or Ghungroo”): These are adornments worn on the ankles of Indian women. Often with small bells, they make a nice tinkling sound when walking and are a nice accessory for traditional Indian dancing.

2. Dresses, scarves, vests and other wardrobe items

With an abundance of fine materials such as silks, pashminas, yak wool and cottons, Indians also love bright colors and wonderful patterns. You’ll be in textile heaven as you gear up with a new wardrobe!

If you want a heavier scarf for chilly nights in the Himalayas, opt for the large Kullu shawl in yak wool or angora (rabbit wool) which have very cool geometric patterns. You will also find pashmina, which is a kind of wool that comes from goats in the Himalayas and it is soft as ever.

Sarees: The gorgeous traditional dress worn by many Indian women, sarees are a length of material that is draped flatteringly over a woman’s body. They come in a huge range of beautiful colors and patterns, usually in silk or cotton.

Leather goods: handbags, duffels, wallets, belts, jackets and every other leather luxury you can imagine – damn, even dresses. You will find excellent handmade leather all over India.

3. Oils, herbs, incense and perfumes

Perfumes and Oils: Skin soft and fragrant, India abounds in sensual delights like oils and perfumes. Choose from almond oils, or essential oils and fragrances that combine scents of sandalwood, kama-sutra, patchouli, white musk, amber, myrrh and rose. You’ll love diving into the oils to see what comes out best on your skin. Treat yourself.

Ayurvedic Remedies and Herbal Medicines: At the Ayurvedic Medicine House, you can find a lot of delicious herbal concoctions. While you can consult a doctor for a specific remedy, you will also find hair and skin oils, conditioners, face creams and all sorts of other concoctions made with beautiful Ayurvedic herbal recipes.

Spices: With some of the largest spice markets in the world, it’s fun to shop for spices so you can take the wonderful, complex flavors of Indian cuisine home with you. Saffron is a popular herb to bring home, as it is much more affordable in India than other places in the world.

Tea: India is also famous for its black teas – grab a nice Assam tea to take home for your afternoon cups.

Henna: Another fun herb is henna, which you’ll find in powder form. Used to paint intricate hand and arm designs, henna is also excellent for nourishing the hair.

Incense: When traveling through India, you will often find yourself in the fragrant smoke of incense. You can buy many different incenses to burn at home-Nag Champa which is the most popular place.

4. Crafts and Folk Art

Talented artisans with a wealth of creativity means you won’t be bored exploring local crafts and folk art across the country. Between super affordable marble and stunning wood carvings, Northern Tibetan paintings are beautifully painted with incredible detail and color, while Hindu statues of all sizes can be found all over the country.

5. Carpets and tapestries

Rugs: India has some of the most beautifully designed handmade oriental rugs made from pure wool and/or pure silk. They come in all sizes, so if you want it to fit in your bag, you can buy a small one to put next to your bed! You can always have one at your disposal.

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