How to get the perfect custom sneakers for you?

custom sneakers for you

Personalize your shoes for a unique look! Here are some ideas to bring up to date those white sneakers that were lying around in your closet.

Personalized sneakers , to have that touch of exclusivity, that marked and unique style that defines you. Shoes are a fundamental piece for a cool and comfortable look. But it can be very difficult to combine them with the rest of the accessories. So get to work and take advantage of the holidays to give life to those sneakers that were sleeping at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Here are our ideas for unique sneakers

Badges are usually used for clothes, but why not use it for shoes? An original way to distinguish yourself! Attach them to the laces and you’ll have a new space to express yourself. Personalize badges for a unique design, use the possibilities of a badge maker to produce badges of different sizes for you and your friends!

The laces are simple accessories. Sometimes we don’t need big investments to be able to create a piece that matches our look.  In red or blue, they are perfect for giving an elegant style to white shoes.

The stud pickups will give you a rock style. We can easily apply them to any garment. In the case of shoes, we must have nails that can be easily attached. You can use them to make shapes or place them randomly, the limit will be your imagination.

Rhinestones always make any shoe stand out. Applying a bit of glitter might just be what we need to make a white shoe stand out. The sequins can be applied directly to the fabric or leather, on the sections that we want to highlight. We can also consider an application on all the sneakers, only for the most daring, the shoes will then shine with every step.

Make  pompoms, it’s also ultra trendy. Many clothes have small pompoms incorporated, they can be placed directly on the shoes to give them a very bohemian look. You can combine them with bells that bring a musical touch to each stage.

Write a word you like on the soles. This part of the shoe is usually the ideal thickness to write on. You can put a few words or a phrase that you like, or two phrases that you will combine on each shoe. An original way to quickly and easily personalize your sneakers.

Painting is a classic that still works. It is enough to obtain a model or a drawing which we like. We’ll apply it to the piece to get the look we want. With a little fabric paint, we will be able to completely change the design of a white sneaker.

Dare to wear different sneakers, no one else will have the same ones, they will be your creation that you can show off every day. With a little imagination, it’s sure, you have the coconut look that sticks to your skin!

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