Necklace for women: everything you need to know

Necklace for women

What you need to know about women’s necklaces

Women’s necklaces are must-have jewelry. Ideal gift for any occasion, their style is endless.

Also, many questions can arise: what are the different ranges of necklaces, how to choose the material and the length of the jewel, which necklace to favor according to its outfit, etc.

Why choose a women’s necklace?

Most women appreciate necklaces. And for good reason, these jewels perfect and sublimate outfits, while adding a touch of uniqueness.

The necklace for women reveals the character of the person, while highlighting their neck. It accompanies her in everyday life, or on more formal occasions.

In addition, the necklace for women can be declined in many forms: short, long, in gold, in silver, with diamond, etc. Thus, the necklace is an excellent choice of jewelry to offer or to offer oneself.

If you want to match a necklace with a chain and a pendant , the choice of link is important. Maison Arthus Bertrand offers chains in Forçat rond, Forçat Limé or Jaseron knits.

  • What type of necklace to choose according to her outfit?
  • Choker necklaces pair perfectly with casual outfits and round or square necks
  • Princess-style necklaces lend themselves to any outfit, whether casual or more formal. We like to associate them with a V-neck or a boat neck.
  • Long necklaces are suitable for elegant outfits and are ideal for special occasions.
  • Tie collars are very popular with open collars; very chic, they highlight the neck and the bust.

Waterfall necklaces go very well with V-necks, but also with stand-up collars. They bring a unique character to the outfit.

gold necklace for women

When looking for a necklace for women, the choice of material is essential. Yellow gold, white gold, yellow gold or even silver, the material contributes to the final style of the jewel. In the same way, the necklace can be decorated with precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds or even sapphires. Nevertheless, some people prefer to choose the material taking into account skin tone and hair color. Indeed, it is considered that yellow gold and rose gold lend themselves perfectly to warm complexions, while white gold and silver highlight cooler complexions. An elegant jewel par excellence, the gold necklace is a royal choice.

Arthus Bertrand offers 3 colors of gold for necklaces: yellow gold, white gold and pink gold. The House exclusively offers18 carat gold jewelry , for optimal purity. Indeed, to be used in jewelry, gold must necessarily be associated with a metal alloy. It is the latter which gives it its solidity. The exact composition of the alloy depends on the desired color: silver and copper are used for yellow gold, nickel zinc or palladium for white gold and copper mainly for pink gold.

The silver necklace for women

Like white gold, this material is distinguished by its beautiful white shine. For more than 3,000 years, this exceptional material has been used to make jewelry and decorations. Many necklaces are designed in silver.

This is particularly the case for chains with pendants, but also for necklaces. Indeed, this material is particularly used for making bulky jewelry, requiring a large amount of precious metal.

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